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About Us


"We won't be wronged. We won't be insulted. We won't be laid a hand on. We don't do these things to other people and we require the same from them."

We paraphrased this creed from John Wayne who said this in the very last movie he ever made, The Shootist. We believe it is extremely fitting today and forever.

Aggressively Patriotic

Finally a Patriotic and Pro-Second Amendment apparel and accessories company with unique designs and quality customer service!

There's a million and one stores that sell patriotic and pro-2nd Amendment gear. But it's become stale... the same designs and items on every site. There's nothing unique. And customer service and care is horrible at most companies.

So we decided to do something about it. So we launched Bring Ammo - The Most Unique & Aggressively Patriotic & Pro 2nd Amendment Gear Available Anywhere.

We want you to discover how awesome our products and customer service really is. Let us prove ourselves to you!

We look forward to a lifelong relationship.

Remember, when all else fails,

Bring Ammo!